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Have you been looking for solutions to safeguard your assets and retirement in these unpredictable times? Gold and other precious metals are among the best investments you can make today as part of a well-diversified portfolio.

Precious metals IRAs allow retirees protection against market volatility and inflation while still receiving the same benefits as a standard IRA.

A gold IRA could make a significant difference in your life. However, you’ll need to engage with a qualified and reputable gold IRA business to make the switch. This post will teach you about the best investment businesses based on your investment goals and objectives.

What are the 5 Best Gold IRA Companies for 2022?

Many gold IRA firms stand out for their experience, transparency, and expertise. Investment firms should make the process clear and straightforward, with knowledgeable help and timely response. Here are the best gold IRA businesses.

1. GoldCo

GoldCo is a well-known precious metals company that specializes in IRAs. GoldCo is the most popular gold IRA firm, consistently ranking among the top ten globally. GoldCo has 16 years of experience as a top-rated silver and Gold IRA provider.

The business has built a reputation for service transparency and outstanding customer service. GoldCo has competitive pricing and a straightforward procedure guiding you through the plan and how they will manage your investments. It is one of the more experienced Gold investing organizations founded in 2006 and has received excellent client feedback.

GoldCo allows investors and collectors to acquire gold bullion, Gold, and silver coins, in addition to wealth and asset protection.


  • There are no hidden costs or penalties.
  • Transparent and competitive pricing
  • Many years of experience in gold investments


  • There are no direct sales.

2. Augusta Precious Metals

Established in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals has since provided education-focused investment possibilities to guarantee you invest wisely. Customers’ assets, which could include gold coins and gold bars, are safeguarded by Delaware Depository.

Augusta has the best customer service record of any corporation. When you invest with Augusta, you will work with four separate client-focused departments. These departments will collaborate to provide you with the finest service.

They will also ensure that you understand each stage with clearly digestible information.

Augusta Precious Metals is a gold IRA company that offers inexpensive costs and a simple purchase process. It also provides a lot of transparency. Augusta sells gold and silver bullion, as well as quality Gold and silver and select precious coins.


  • Since 2012, Augusta has been the only gold IRA provider with no BCA or BBB complaints.
  • Guaranteed Buyback
  • No-pressure sales
  • Positive feedback on client service


  • Online ordering is not possible.
  • High IRA minimum of $50,000

3. Birch Gold group

Birch Gold Group has been a significant physical precious metals dealer in the United States since 2003. They have the lowest minimum startup investment and a strong customer service department.

Their wealth of educational tools and a transparent strategy ensure the client is fully informed about their gold investment.

Birch Gold Group keeps you informed about the advantages and hazards of precious metals investing. Bullion and coins in Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are available from the company.

Because of its alternative investment possibilities and excellent customer service, the company continues to garner high honors today.


  • Excellent dial-in one-on-one communication with Gold investing specialists.
  • A wide range of precious metal IRA alternatives
  • Numerous gold IRAs with metals Financial market information regularly


  • Increased setup expenses

4. Regal Assets

Clients of Regal Assets benefit from additional product offers not accessible anywhere else. The company has linked vaults located in numerous international cities. Therefore, you can acquire segregated metal storage at a cheap cost, fully insured assets.

You’ll earn a low fixed rate for the duration of your account rather than a percentage of your investment. Regal is one of the most well-known gold investment organizations globally for its round-the-clock supervision and secure vaults.

Although prices may vary, the company has a reputation for being customer-friendly. Regal Assets may offer no rollover costs and accessible storage for the first year.


  • A secure system for worldwide delivery
  • An annual flat charge of $250 for life
  • Private and insured storage in your name


  • Complaints about the lengthy rollover periods.

5. Noble Gold

Noble Gold Investments is well-known for its instructional approach. Noble Gold has over 20 years of precious metals and IRA experience. Noble Gold Investments’ reputation is solid, with positive ratings from the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance. The organization offers precious metal purchases and helps diversify investment portfolios by providing IRAs guaranteed by Gold or silver.

Noble Gold is a modest investor-friendly gold IRA company. Noble Gold has only a $2,000 minimum commitment. Small investors wishing to get into the gold IRA market without committing a substantial chunk of their capital would love this company.

Noble Gold offers a variety of gold IRA custodian service alternatives with no account startup costs. Silver and gold IRAs are available from Noble Gold.


  • A minimum investment of $2,000 is required
  • Five-star rating from Consumer Affairs
  • For deposits of $5,000 or more, there are no annual fees


  • Has less time in business than competitors
  • To get started, you must phone or email the company

How the Top Gold IRA Companies Were Ranked

There are many other gold IRA investing companies out there. However, our ranked organizations have excellent reputations, vast market experience, and client ratings demonstrating exceptional service. While compiling our list, we factored in the following aspects.

Gold and Silver Product Selections

The gold IRA establishments in this article provide various IRS-approved precious metals. The most common metals are silver and Gold, but you can also find platinum and palladium.

Some of the businesses on our list only sell silver and gold coins, but they have a large assortment of each.

You can also invest in cryptocurrency through one of the organizations, Royal Assets. Rest assured that every company on our list offers a diverse range of precious metal products.

Customer Feedback and Reputation

Each gold IRA provider on our list has starred reviews from real customers and excellent customer testimonials. All companies on this list have BBB ratings or better.

There are more favorable gold IRA reviews than bad ones. These golden firms have an excellent track record to back up their celebrity.

Buyback Guarantees

If you’re confused regarding the kind of precious metal to purchase in an IRA, consider working with gold companies offering buybacks. All companies listed here participate in buybacks. You can sell back your precious metals to these companies without further charges.

Several companies making our list offer simple and dependable buybacks, giving you a safety net if you to take a turn and sell back your precious metals to them.

Fees and Expenses

One of the most challenging details of a gold IRA company to describe is costs and fees. The majority of Gold IRA providers demand a fee for their services. These charges cover the costs of setting up your account, keeping it up to date, and safely storing your precious metals.

The price of precious metals is quite volatile. As a result, companies prefer to provide you with cost specifics when contacting a representative.

We focused on organizations that charge reasonable prices for their services while selecting gold IRA companies to include in our list.

How Easy to Setup

All the gold IRA establishments in this article make setting up your Gold IRA as straightforward as possible. Whether you begin your journey on the website or over the phone, you will receive experienced guidance and assistance.

Each of these organizations follows IRS regulations to protect itself, your interests, and your Gold IRA.

Which Gold Investment Company Is Right for You

Precious metals IRAs are a safe bet, but they come with the same risks as any other investment.

However, a gold IRA might be the best option if you have a complete retirement plan that could benefit from further diversification and protection. There is almost certainly a company representing your price, customer service, product, and storage ideals.

You can never go wrong with our picks for the best gold IRA firms. However, make sure you have backup savings before putting all your assets in one Gold IRA basket.


Is Gold Worth the Investment?

Diversifying your portfolio has always been an intelligent idea. Although the price of Gold fluctuates, it has always held its worth in the long run. It has been a buffer against inflation and the degradation of major currencies over the years, making it a worthwhile investment.

What Is the Best Way to Invest in Gold?

The greatest way to invest in Gold is through a gold IRA. Your Gold is held safely and protected against all forms of danger when you put money into a Gold individual retirement account. Furthermore, a Gold IRA provides tax advantages that other gold investments do not

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