Noble Gold Investments: Full Breakdown Including Fees, Reviews, Pros, Cons & More

Noble Gold provides IRA-approved coins and bars, such as gold, platinum, silver, and palladium accounts. We provide you with these financial alternatives to help diversify your portfolio. Moreover,

Noble Gold provides IRA-approved coins and bars, such as gold, platinum, silver, and palladium accounts. We provide you with these financial alternatives to help diversify your portfolio. Moreover, Noble Gold provides you with the value of your precious metals investments.

Noble Gold offers excellent investments, especially if you want terrific retirement benefits. We offer private, secure gold depositories to help keep your wealth safe.

Our initiative is to make you an intelligent investor by helping you choose a metal that suits your investment needs. Noble Gold offers several benefits to their customers, including competitive annual fees, low initial costs of investments, and a quick application process.

In addition, the gold, precious metals IRA is a flexible investment option since there are other unconventional assets you can use. Some include rare coins, artwork, unique metals, precious stones, etc.

Why Choose Noble Gold?

Noble Gold investments were started in 2017 by two industry veterans that wanted to offer alternative investment options that would provide investors optimum satisfaction in their investments. In addition, we aim at transparency and educating clients on the best investment options available for them in the market.

Precious metals are a viable way of diversifying your investment portfolio. For example, you can roll over your 401(k) or another retirement plan into a precious metal IRA or Gold. Such a step can help protect your assets and your financial future.

Noble Gold offers gold investments on accounts such as mutual funds, common stock, savings accounts, certificates of deposits, money market accounts, and much more. The value of your retirement investments depends on the state of the economy.

If the economy booms or flourishes, the value of your investment increases, and when it dwindles, the value of your investments decreases.

However, this might be the case when you invest in Noble Gold. Precious metals are long-term investments that tend to overcome economic hardships such as inflation, among other financial crises in the economy.

Therefore, investing in precious metals is an excellent way of diversifying your retirement investment portfolio as a way of mitigating financial losses induced by the prevailing economic conditions.

Precious metals are also a great way of avoiding taxation. It offers a viable way of converting your non-cash assets into liquid cash without government taxation. In addition, the non-taxation benefit on your capital gains allows you to have more money in your pocket.

Gold, bullion, and precious metals are excellent alternatives to modern investments. In addition, these precious metals hold a certain allure that makes them suitable investments for your future. Noble gold is an exceptional partner providing top-notch assets to customers seeking solid long-term investments.

We offer education to our clients on the suitable investment options available for them to help them make realistic strategic financial goals. If your circumstances change, Noble Gold also has a buy-back program, and you need to sell back your precious metals in the short run. In addition, we prioritize customer education to ensure we uniquely diversify your investment portfolio.

Gold And Silver IRAs

Gold Individual Retirement account provides clients with gold bars and coins. It functions like a regular IRA account; the only difference is that you hold gold coins or bars instead of paper assets. As a result, gold IRAs tend to move in the opposite direction of paper assets, making them an ideal investment for overcoming financial crises.

Gold and Silver IRA are safe to invest in since they move in the opposite direction of paper assets offering insurance to your portfolio investments against inflation. It provides a balanced approach that neutralizes the risk of losses in long-term investments. In addition, you will have full ownership of the gold as an IRA account owner, like when holding paper assets.

Gold IRA can cost higher fees than the traditional retirement savings account like bonds, mutual funds, and stocks. However, when Gold IRAs concentrate in one class, they can offer better immunity against inflation than other investments. Besides, you do not need to keep it in a bank like paper assets. You can store it in your house in a safety box or depository location.

Gold And Silver IRAs

In addition, transferring your IRA to a gold IRA is easy. You only have to contact your providers like Noble Gold or the administrator of your IRA account, fill out the paperwork, and select the form of gold you want to buy.

Gold investments can avoid taxes by storing precious metals overseas or in Alaska, Montana, Delaware, Hampshire, and Oregon. It is also legal to buy small denominations of gold anonymously for more privacy and security on your investments. In addition, gold and precious metals are not traceable electronically, making them immune from government surveillance compared to paper assets.

Gold and Silver IRAs are more of a personal form of investment, making them a safer retirement investment alternative. Adding some sparkle to your gold retirement nest egg can help you diversify your portfolio. In addition, you can add other investments such as real estate, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals.

Many benefits come with investing in a gold IRA. Some of them include stability, diversification, and balance. Gold is an excellent measure of financial stability since many investors view it as a permanent commodity of high value.

Investors view gold investments as a way of diversifying paper assets. Since there is no overreliance on paper assets, investors can overcome economic fluctuations that negatively affect the market. In political turmoil and economic instability, gold creates a balance by thriving in the market, and in turn, its value increases.

Silver IRA comes in two forms which include Roth and traditional. A traditional Silver IRA allows your investment earnings to be tax-deferred until you start withdrawing. Roth IRA allows you to pay taxes on contributions and not withdrawals.

You can open a silver IRA by direct transfer or a rollover from your previous retirement account. A transfer can only occur if you have an existing IRA account and rollover if you have an existing 401(k) account. It can take around 10days for a transfer and approximately 60 days for an indirect rollover.

Silver IRA can be a more profitable investment than gold. Gold being so expensive might not generate returns as expected, making silver a cheaper alternative and a less risky investment. Silver also performs well in the short run or medium-term, making it a more stable investment option than gold.

If you buy silver, you must pay the premiums along with it. Therefore, you should always compare the rates from your brokers before purchasing them. In addition, it would be best to be careful of fraudulent dealers who send you spam emails and phone calls.

Noble gold is a reliable company you can trust when making gold and silver IRA investments. We offer silver bullion, silver bars, and coins and guide clients on the most suitable silver investment options for them. We also ensure transparent transactions to meet your business expectations and incur profits on your silver sales.

Generally, silver can be more volatile than gold. However, due to the industrial use of silver, it has become a better hedge of inflation than gold. Silver is also more in supply than gold, making it more accessible and easier to invest in than its counterpart.

Silver is an essential commodity in jewelry items such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. Therefore, experts recommend that silver investments continue to be a more stable investment option this year. Although no investment lacks risks, the gold and silver IRA have proven safer options during an economic crisis such as inflation.

IRA-Approved Coins And Bar

Some IRA-approved coins and bars include silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and bullion. These precious metals must meet some fineness requirements, including;

  • The bars, coins, and rounds should be from a certified refiner or manufacturer.
  • There should be 99.5% purity for gold, 99.9% for silver, and 99.99% for palladium and platinum.
  • Bullion coins should be uncirculated and in good condition.
  • Bullion bars should get manufactured according to the exact weight specifications.
  • Proof coins must have a certificate of authenticity.
  • The proof coins should be encapsulated in their original packaging to ensure they are in excellent condition and have a certificate of authenticity.

The following are acceptable precious metals:


Some examples of acceptable gold products include;

  • American Eagle proof coins
  • Australian Kangaroo
  • Australian Luna Series
  • Australian Philharmonic
  • British Britania
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Credit Suisse
  • Chinese Panda Coin
  • U.S. Buffalo and many others


Acceptable silver products are the following;

  • American Eagle
  • America the Beautiful coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins
  • Chinese Panda Silver Coins
  • Mexican Libertad
  • Australian Kookaburra and many others


Some of the platinum products include;

  • American Eagle Bullion
  • Australia Koala Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Isle of Man Noble coins and many others


Some of the palladium products include;

  • Canadian Maple leaf bullion and many others

Rare Coins And Collectibles

All Noble Gold rare coins and collectibles get certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), which also grades the products. Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) also authorizes the collectibles and rare coins we offer clients. Some popular rare coins include Morgan silver dollars, Indian four-piece st Guaden Set, the 1854 Kellogg $20 coin, etc.

These coins carry a rich historic value and unique stores that elevate their worth. In addition, each precious metal coin has artistic beauty in its design that makes it recognizable and valuable. Most of the approved rare coins and collectibles you can make investments usually can increase in value over time. 

Noble-Gold-Reviews-rare coins

Precious Metals Storage

When storing your precious metals, you have a few options, including keeping them in your home, a safe deposit box at the bank, or a company that offers private depository services. How you store your precious meals depends on your taste and definition of safety. For instance, holding them at your home can be a bit risky if too many people know about it, and if you bury them or use a safe, that is too obvious.

They risk theft when kept at home, and few insurance companies offer such protection. Using a safe deposit box at a bank is a better option. If they get stolen, you can receive compensation from your insurance or the bank under a special agreement.

However, a safe deposit box can pose a considerable security risk to your investment. Moving from and to the bank with your precious metals can be risky. The bank is also not always available, and in an unpredictable market, it can be challenging to make a trade when the bank is closed.

Using a private depository company such as Noble Gold can help you overcome the problems posed by the other two methods of storing your precious metals. Private depository companies can hold gold investments of any size, whereas depository boxes cannot. You can also make a sale at an opportune time to help you earn profits on your investments.

Royal Survival Packs

The royal survival pack is stocks of gold and silver selected for clients who need emergency investments when calamity strikes. Gold and other precious metals are exchangeable with goods, services, and different currencies worldwide.

In addition, noble gold offers survival packs for personal accounts so that you can access them anytime you need them.

Once you order the royal survival pack, we can ship it to your door discretely anywhere in the USA. We offer only the most exchangeable metals in these packs for you to use when everything else on your options fails.

When the banks collapse, the royal survival packs are here for you, and you cannot get direct access to your paper assets. As the value of gold is recognizable worldwide, the royal survival pack can be helpful to you anywhere in the world compared to local currency.

Also, in case of a global disaster and the destruction of civilizations, survivors can use precious metals like gold as a medium of exchange. We ensure that both the purchase and delivery of your survival pack are private and confidential.

Free Gold IRA Guide

Gold and other precious metals remain a viable investment for any individual looking for a safe and secure investment for the long term. Gold offers increased liquidity, quick accessibility, and intrinsic value regardless of where you live within the U.S. or any part of the globe.

It's vital to know the best investment techniques and platforms if you want to maximize your investment returns. You can opt to conduct research on the topic or to subscribe to a reliable gold IRA guide that works.

You can choose between making a direct purchase to give cash to a gold vendor and acquiring your product (or delivering it securely to your premises). The method is relatively straightforward and requires little oversight. However, the process's significant disadvantage is high-security risks where the product is vulnerable to storage issues and theft.

A more reliable alternative involves using your retirement funds to operate an IRA account. Noble Gold Investments guarantees a secure and reliable option for prospective investors who want to increase their overall portfolio value without physically purchasing the commodity from the market.

We ensure that your gold is not only safe but that your investment also conforms with the IRA guidelines and specifications.


Becoming a gold investor is an easy process. You only need to contact our agents detailing the amount of investment you are comfortable and willing to make at a given time.

Here are some of the critical features of making a gold/precious metal investment.

  • Portfolio diversification
  • Flexibility
  • Financial security
  • Storage considerations
  • Ready Market through the companies buy-back policy
  • Affordable
  • It is low risk as compared to other capital investment options

Our Rating

Pros & Cons

Some of the benefits & disadvantage of investing in gold/precious metals include

Reason to use Noble Gold

  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Secure And Reliable Storage
  • Easy To Initiate Transactions
  • Global Acceptability And Reach
  • Protection Against Inflation
  • Price Stability

Reason to NOT use Noble Gold

  • Relatively high storage and storage fees compared to other brokers.
  • Convenience issues - The firm stores its gold in limited locations within the U.S. You might have to travel to the specified places whenever you want to see your gold.


Final Verdict

It is advisable to diversify your portfolio and grow your wealth through safe and reliable investments. Gold remains one of the best investments you can make on a long-term basis. The commodity retains value despite inflation spikes which guarantee that your investment remains viable for a considerable duration.

Noble Gold investments are a secure and reliable option for any investor looking to participate in purchasing and selling gold and precious metals. The company guarantees safe storage of your commodity and offers a ready market whenever you have to sell off some of your stock at a stable price range.

Besides, our customer service team is always prepared to help in case of any inquiries, advice, or clarifications. Reach out to us today and be on your way to becoming a financially secure investor.

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