Top 5 Gold Stock Options in the TSX Exchange

Gold prices are ever shooting high, investors such as Warren Buffett, who is arguably the most significant investor to ever live, are on high alert to ensure that they reap the most possible. Analysts have tipped the shares in junior mining gold stocks to go a lot higher given the fact that most gold stocks have doubled despite the adverse economic turbulences since 2000. Here are the topics we get the most frequently asked questions that you might need to familiarize yourself as you are moving forward:

Gold Penny Stocks in the TSX

As of September 12, 2021, there had been many companies in the Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX] worldwide, whereby while some companies were registering positive changes, others had little to no deficit. Expectantly other companies were proportionately reporting negative changes, which is the norm of the day in the stock exchange market today.

The top five companies which have had the highest spike in their latest prices are; Stuhini Exploratin Ltd, Nevada Copper Corp, Lithium Chile Inc., Fireweed Zinc, and SEMAFO Inc. with 0.63, 0.09, 0.45, 0.85, and 4.77, respectively. These improvements from their previous closes within one year, thus making them an attractive zone for potential investors dealing specifically with gold.


Gold has a positive reputation even when the market is down at its knees, triggering a rush by investors who buy stocks in mining and exploration companies, especially during this crunch moment when most economies are reviving following the coronavirus pandemic. A recent score by a growth model gauged and ranked the top gold stocks concluding a 50/50 assessment. The results from the growth model also reported their most current quarterly earnings per share growth. And ultimately, it concluded what the top five most formidable companies with the best value gold stocks were.

These companies include Torex Gold Resources Inc., Gran Colombia Gold Corp, Equinox Gold Corp, Calibre Mining Corp, and Dundee Precious Metals Inc. Their price-to-earnings ratios were 3.4, 3.5, 4.5, 4.9, and 5.2. In the meantime, the fastest-growing gold stocks companies were; Torex Gold Resources Inc., Calibre Mining Corp, SSR mining Inc, Endeavour Mining PLC, and Wedsome Gold Miners Ltd, with revenue growth of 67.2, 338.7, 261.1, 218.5, and 16.6 respectively.


Despite the fluctuations in gold prices currently, primarily due Federal Reserve’s unfavorable policies and the strength of the dollar, which should not be concerning given that gold has proven to be a reliable metal, especially during an economic recession, there are some of those stocks that are always at the summit against all odds even in times of crisis.

The top three stocks are Newmont Corporation which deals with other precious metals such as silver and copper, Barrick Gold Corporation, which deals with metals in some American countries and other countries such as Mali in Africa and Freeport McMoran Inc which is the leading mining company and deals with metals in American countries and Indonesia.

The 5 best gold stock Options on the TSX venture include:

The Newcore Gold Company monopolized by Enchi Gold Project in Ghana is currently pushing its way past the competition thanks to a 58,000-meter discovery and an ongoing resource expansion drill program. The project, located in Bibiani Shear Zone, occupies a vast 216km area, making it the largest gold producer in Africa.

The variety is shared in a 32% equity ownership among the shareholders and enjoys support by one of the sector’s most potent boards, making it an indomitable precious metal firm in Africa despite being founded a decade ago.

This gold mining company dealing with gold exploration was founded in 1981 and had James Withall as the leader, assisted by a fantastic squad that discovered six new gold locations in the past year. Listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, the company possesses an expansive 425km of land in Finland's Central Lapland Greenstone Belt.

In September of last year, it got a funding program from Aginco Eagle, a giant mining company that owns the largest gold mine in Europe. Rupert Resources has witnessed two-thirds of the summit 30 gold drills in Europe for the period dating back from 2019.

This company is based in Ontario, Canada. The development and exploration company traverses the entire West Cache Gold project in Timmins, a mining area in the town, and expands and defines drilling.
Additionally, the company runs a twin project called the Neal Gold Company, and the company has speculated that it intends to produce a refurbished PEA in Q2 2021.

The Great Bear Resources company is located in the mining area of Red Lake in Ontario, Canada, where it wholly owns and runs the Dixie gold project. The exploration company counts itself lucky due to unlimited access to infrastructures such as roads and natural gas lines, where it benefits largely.

In a 2.3km strike, five high-grade gold discoveries have been announced, and the company is regarded as the largest in Canada and sponsored to undertake drilling up to a colossal 200,000m.

Timberline Resources is a company dealing with developing resources and exploration of minerals, primarily gold and copper. Covering 24 square miles, Timberline is situated in the prominent Battle Mountain-Eureka Trend in the northern part of Nevada in the United States of America.

The company, founded in 1968, has Staccato Gold Resources Ltd and Wolfpack Gold (Nevada) Corp as its subsidiaries, and its premises still encompasses the Lookout Mountain and the Windfall mines


With gold being unquestionably the most precious metal ever to exist, it thus forms a critical investment opportunity for any company, whether engaging in mining or exploration or any investor interested in precious metals all over the world.

Despite the erratic fluctuations in prices or profitability during an economic recession or instability, where it is exceptionally more profitable, I would recommend giving gold more consideration than other precious metals.

It is perceived to be a hedge against inflation and a store of value through thick and thin.

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