Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins: Which is the Better Buy for Your Investment Portfolio?

Making a decision between bars and coins is something every precious metal investor has to do. There is a wide range of products to buy, and this guide reveals the advantages of coins and bars along with how you profit from each. 

Your Ideal Investment In Gold

The value of gold in times of uncertainty is known, but what type of gold to hold is often a mystery. The market offers a wide selection of products, and all of them have some noteworthy appeal. The decision between gold bars and coins is one that hits at the heart of every gold collector. The actual weight of gold in these items is measured to exactness, but how they’re each valued is different. This is why you need to assess what your portfolio can handle; ask yourself about coins versus bars. The final choice you make is based on your financial goals.

Key differences between gold coins and gold bars?

Gold bars are blocks of gold, while coins are real forms of currencies depending on the mintage year. The way these items are sold even differs at first. You’ll buy them both from reputable gold distributors, but how each is valued relies on unique measurements. The coins you buy, for example, have the potential of being the only copies that exist. Bullion bars, instead, only need proof of purity, and the form they hold won’t be accepted as unique. Both offer a store of wealth in the form of precious metals but buying one call for an analysis on your part.

Advantages & Disadvantages of buying gold bars

It’s easier to buy gold bars when you seek high bullion volumes. Anytime you buy things in bulk, you can expect a healthy discount overall. This is true with gold, and the historical weight of a standard bar is roughly 32.2 pounds. The size, however, is dependent on you. Bars are often sold in weights as small as a single troy ounce. Gold bars have more stable prices because they are less expensive to produce. For those hoping to keep their gold collections private, bars allow you to hide your own store of wealth. Most bars are backed by a country. 

Some of the drawbacks of buying bullion bars arise when trying to sell them. Their large sizes aren’t for everyone. The bigger the bar is, the more difficult it can be to resell it to the public.

Advantages & Disadvantages of buying gold coins

There are coins so small that you’d have to buy 10 of them before equaling a full troy ounce. Coins are interesting because their engraved images record history and art. Though the gold standard has been abolished, many countries accept gold coins as legal tender. This means that coins can be used to pay off debts. The gold coin industry has a vast range of choices, which gives you the chance to start collecting as a hobby. These types of coins are the ideal choices for high liquidity. Selling coins is simply easier to do. Just be aware of numismatic value. 

There will undoubtedly be a premium to pay when buying gold coins. Though you buy the weight of gold with bars, you specifically buy into numismatic value when buying gold coins. Coins are also smaller and more delicate, so you need a tested method to store them properly.

Top 5 Reasons Why Gold Coins & Bars are Great Investment Options

You should now have a better understanding of how to diversify your investments. Both coins and bars have disadvantages, but this only stands when you fail to strategize on how you’ll use them. Preparing a future buyer for your gold bars, for example, eliminates the risk of not finding one later on.

Likewise, paying a premium for a coin that’s highly sought could be worth it when it has a significant market share. Due to the mix of benefits and drawbacks, you have to rely on diversification to make a good portfolio investment. These are reasons why both will work:

  1. A Measure of Gold: Bars and coins do have market value. This value is listed as a public price, and your store of gold is always honored at that price.
  2. Exchangeable: Gold distributors both buy and sell gold products, which means that you always have a market to sell in. Your products are exchangeable only through legit suppliers.
  3. Privatization: You can legally buy bars and coins from a pawn shop without presenting any identification. Private holdings are still valued for their gold content, but they aren’t traceable.
  4. Must be Certified: Most products are certified by a major country or manufacturer who created them. You can buy these products knowing that they are 99.99 percent pure.

Reliable investment

Gold is a reliable investment because it hedges cash against inflation and uncertainty. Gold is also a global reserve so that nations will rely on it in times of peril.

Size & Ease of Storage

Storing your gold in a safe is a great idea and is easy to do. Coins come in encased cylinders, and bars are also sold with durable casings and heavyweights.


Buying the amount of gold you want is more than possible. You get to mix and match from large coins to mini-sized bars based on your personal preferences.

Tax advantages

Some coins aren’t taxed for capital gains specifically, and your bars won’t be as long as they remain bars. Putting such metal into an IRA gives you, even more, tax sheltering.

Historic, cultural, and collectible value

Gold continues to hit levels that leave bystanders in awe. Even in the midst of this age of cryptocurrencies, gold is reaching levels that investors are profiting from.


Final Thoughts: Which Gold Bullion is Better to Buy?

The best bullion to buy is the one that will make you richer. Think about your situation and even the things you like. The variety of bullion choices that exist will fit your personal needs. Your strategy has to be complete before you buy one or the other. Based on that strategy, you’ll find either bars or coins as ideal, and in some cases, they both make a great portfolio.

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